When we published the best cooking shows on Netflix list, some of you asked for the best cooking shows on Hulu. I’m here for you! 🙂 In no particular order, here are the cooking shows on Hulu I’m loving right now. I threw in a few foodie movies for good measure –

Best Cooking Shows on Hulu

  • Ayesha’s Home Kitchen – I love the Currys and this is a fun show with some great entertaining and family food ideas.
  • Eat, Sleep, BBQ – You know I love a good lifestyle food show, and Rashad Jones traveling the country looking for barbecue fits the bill.
  • Britain’s Best Home Cook – I don’t usually watch competition shows, but Mary Berry is my queen and where she goes, I follow.
  • Cake Boss – This show seems to be kind of polarizing, but my son loves it and I love watching it with him so I’m here for it.
  • Tasty 101 – A quick and interesting watch for brushing up on basic skills. I especially love the episode on cast iron, if you haven’t switched yet, it will make you a better cook.
  • Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – I haven’t watched a minute of his work since his death; I don’t know when I’ll be able to. Still, I’ve seen each one at least twice and this stands as his best work, in my opinion.
  • The Quest of Alain Ducasse – Again, a movie but whatever. It’s Alain Ducasse.
  • Neat: The Story of Bourbon – Bourbon’s America’s native booze, and I’m a mint julep kind of girl so I found this story captivating. Again, a documentary, not a TV show.
  • Behind the Bar – I was a bartender through college and my secret dream (the one I know from experience would not be nearly as idyllic as it is in my mind) is to open a neighborhood Friends-style coffee bar that turns into Cheers at night. Free food, good drinks, nice people. Anyway, I digress – this is a good show if you, too, are nostalgic for your foodservice days or want to learn what life is like behind the bar. For the same reasons, I also watch a lot of the overly-dramatic Restaurant: Impossible.
  • Food Paradise – One season about the food people seek when they travel about the U.S. Some good recommendations if you frequently do so, I’m adding to my food bucket list with every episode.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking – If you only watch one cooking show on Hulu this year, make it this one. You heard me rave about it on the Amazon Prime list and this remains the best thing on food TV for me. A thorough lesson in cookery a bit beyond the basics, Ramsay will take you through the steps in the most concise and easy to follow way and your cooking confidence will soar.
  • Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food – I know Jamie Oliver is a polarizing figure in the food world of late, but as I’ve mentioned before, he’s the one who piqued my son’s interest in cooking and remains his favorite, so he’s always on our list. These quick episodes will teach you technique and are a great way to beef up your rotation using easy-to-find ingredients. JO has a way of elevating flavors and these recipes are no exception.
  • The Pioneer Woman – I’ve gotten a lot of decent recipes from her shows and again, she uses ingredients we can all find easily so that’s a plus. I’m interested in her outside pursuits, as well. Like our favorite fam in Waco, she’s single-handedly turning a small town into a tourist destination and that’s fun to watch.

That’s my binge list, hope you enjoy it! I’m watching to add to it all the time, so be sure to subscribe to the blog for updates. When you’re done, check out the food and cooking shows we’re watching on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and (my favorite) PBS as well. I’d love to hear what you think are the best cooking shows on television right now in the comments, I’m always looking to add to my watch list.

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