I’m a binge-watcher of food and cooking shows, and PBS cooking shows are my hands-down favorite. In the days before Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon, there was public television. Sometimes overlooked, PBS offers outstanding programming for cooks, food lovers, and general wanderers.

I’m working on more articles covering some of their cultural and travel videos, there’s so much to learn; in the meantime here are my favorite PBS cooking shows from their current lineup. At publication time, you could watch select episodes of them online without a premium membership. Keep an eye out as you explore, most of the shows have social media and blogs to follow, as well.

greens in a garden -PBS cooking shows

How Does It Grow

This show is a fantastic introduction to where food comes from. Adults and kids will both learn from the series, it’s a favorite of my middle kid, who right now wants to be a farmer and a chef when he grows up. 

Family Ingredients

I love this show, it’s like visiting old friends. Meet interesting people and learn about both culture and food, with some fun along the way; like Bourdain but less edgy. If barbecue is your thing, you can explore that culture and cuisine on BBQ with Franklin

I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

You can read about my affinity for Phil Rosenthal on the Netflix foodie post, he’s available here, too. He’s fun, he’s funny, and he hangs with Nancy Silverton – what’s not to love about that? One of my all-time favorite cooking shows on PBS.

The Great British Baking Show

You can call me a GBBS groupie, I can’t count how many times I’ve watched these. It’s also available on Netflix but PBS has some great extras. I admit I haven’t watched as much since the cast change, but I love them all, old or new.

Kitchen Explorers & Kitchen Vignettes 

Quick clips I love to watch with my kids on how to make everything from bread and desserts to kimchi. Also, check out Chefsteps, quick video recipes that feature traditional things like Hollandaise and a variety of gluten-free goods, all meant to show you how to cook more efficiently. 

Baking with Julia

The queen of all things French does not disappoint. I have the companion cookbook Baking with Julia and it doesn’t even have close competition in my kitchen. 

Cooking in Concert

Julia cooks with one of my other favorites, Jacques Pepin, as well as Graham Kerr. 

From Fred Rogers to NOVA to Julia Child, there’s so much to love on PBS and both the new and nostalgic PBS cooking shows are treasures. What are your favorites? I’d love to add them to my watch list and future posts. Check out my Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon lists as well.

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