If you’re looking for the best Amazon Prime cooking shows, these are the cooking shows on Prime responsible for my overstocked pantry. These are my favorites, if you want a full list straight from Amazon, you’ll find it here. So much has changed since we did our original list, not as much is free anymore on Amazon Prime. We’re still able to dig out some treasures, though. Check out the Netflix, Hulu, and PBS lists, too!

I’m more of a purist, besides the Great British Baking Show I stick to cooking shows and food shows, rather than competitions. If those are your thing, Amazon Prime will show you all the competition shows they have to offer here.

In no particular order, these are the Amazon Prime Cooking Shows I’m loving now:

  • Julia & Jacques Cooking at Home – 17 glorious episodes; whether you are a fan of Chef Jacques Pepin, Julia Child, both, or neither (really?) you will learn from this show. If like me, you love Jacques Pepin’s teaching and simple approach, you’ll delight in it. Their close friendship is fun to watch. It’s not FREE free, but it’s Freevee with ads.
  • The French Chef with Julia Child – Where our grandmothers and some of our moms learned to cook, this one is super nostalgic if you remember 60s kitchens and classic public television. If not, you can still learn enduring skills for French cooking. Not one of them has gone out of style. Head over to Max for “Julia” and don’t forget Julie and Julia (most Julia fans loved it but some didn’t, your mileage may vary). And of course, get the cookbooks so you can follow along. (Can you tell I’m obsessed? Julia taught me to cook as a new wife in 2005, and she’s dear to me still.) I love the classics but my favorite of her cookbooks (written with Dorie Greenspan, another of my favorites) is Baking with Julia, it’s filled with foolproof fancy for the rest of us.
  • Eat the World with Emeril Lagasse – It’s SO good throughout but “The Best Pizza in the World” where Lagasse travels Italy with my chef-hero Nancy Silverton in search of Pepe’s secrets is my absolute favorite.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course has moved to Apple TV here, which is a shame because it was once what I considered the perfect Amazon Prime cooking show. This isn’t the buffoonery you’re used to seeing on the overdone Hell’s Kitchen – Ramsay is informative and a great teacher, without a hint of grump. I learned so much and have several new dinner recipes in my rotation. Sticky ribs are an absolute favorite at our house.
  • Bon Appetit Handcrafted is now on the BA site instead. Beautiful work from the most authentic craftspeople, you’ll learn from butchers, pasta makers, & sushi chefs. You’ll get a few ads now, but it’s worth the watch.
  • Pati’s Mexican Table is still free but with ads on Amazon Freevee – Unless you are in one of the few parts of the country with excellent Mexican food available, you’ll need to learn to make it at home. Pati can get you there, and she’s so lovely and relatable.
  • Like a lot of Amazon Prime cooking shows, Lidia’s Kitchen has also moved to Freevee, but it’s worth it. Just search Lidia Bastianich on Amazon for all of her other videos. I love her. She’s like learning to cook from your sweet Italian grandma with a bit of an edge. I’ve seen every episode, her risotto-stuffed tomatoes are one of my staples.
  • Grow, Cook, Eat – If you want to learn how to grow a tiny garden and cook what you grow, this one’s for you.
  • Emeril Cooks – I admit he’s a little extra and something I have to be in the mood for, but in 20 years, his recipes have never once failed me. I trust his cookbooks, and him, with my most important events.
  • My Greatest Dishes – This one’s a little controversial, some people think it’s stuffy with expensive ingredients but you probably know by now that I love a good cooking challenge, so this ish is right up my alley.
  • La Pitchoune: Cooking in France – Makenna Held bought Julia’s house in France and turned it into a bit of an unconventional cooking experience. I’m not sure how Julia would feel about it but I think it makes for an interesting watch and take on contemporary French cooking.
  • Food Safari – If you love to cook with fire, this one’s for you. All around the world with different cuisines, all designed to make you better at grilling, smoking, and cooking on fire.
  • Symon’s Dinners Cooking Out – More takes on outdoor cooking, I’m learning here so I’m fascinated with these, and just in time for summer cookouts. My neighbors love it when I find a new food obsession…
Amazon Prime cooking shows illustration of prep cooks wiping down a kitchen line.

If you notice bias, I can’t deny it.  While I love food from literally everywhere, French is my first love. Baking is my specialty and my favorite Amazon Prime food shows reflect it.

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What are your favorite Amazon Prime food shows? I’d love to add them to my to-watch list. Don’t forget to check out my Hulu, Netflix , and PBS lists as well. Happy binging!

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