I always try to shop Etsy businesses and ones like them and to reach out to artists and makers directly if I can. These are 10 of my favorite among the best Etsy shops I’ve found in the past year and links to more than 40 more, as well.

best Etsy shops - ceramic handpainted house ornament
Beautiful handpainted custom ceramic ornament from For Pete’s Sake Pottery

The Best Etsy Shops

People ask me regularly, “Is Etsy legit?” Absolutely! I’ve loved both eBay and Etsy but lately, eBay has become harder to browse than a bad flea market. Etsy’s managed to hold it’s appeal because I can still drill down to handmade or vintage and find small shops to love. My favorite shop Etsy stores are ones where real people are hand-making beautiful things, vintage is still vintage, and things are priced like an antique shop, not a boutique. If that’s your jam, too, here are some Etsy stores you’ll enjoy.

Favorite Shops for Babywearing & Special Needs Sewing

  • Boulevard Designs – If you’re babywearing, diapering, breastfeeding, or have special needs related to enteral feeding or other medical conditions, you need to get to know Sarah at Wallypop/Boulevard Designs (That’s her website if you prefer; I do.) Her cloth diapers are super affordable. Not only is she a meticulous craftsperson (people rave about the quality), she’s a problem solver. If you have a need sewing can fill, she can find the answer and make it for you.

Best Etsy Shops for Handmade Awesomeness

  • Beth’s Market Bags has me smitten – if you don’t already know it, oilcloth will have you living your best bag life and she makes some of the prettiest oilcloth bags I’ve seen. I love that you can customize with snaps, etc. I’m already finding lots of places I need one of these.
  • Blue Sheep Boutique – I love quilts but I hate quilting – enter Jenny and her super cute quilt shop. She says the Hawaiian batik is her best seller and based on the reviews, it’s easy to see why. Wondering if one of her kits might make a quilter out of me…
  • For Pete’s Sake Pottery – Susan’s work features a lot of blue and white which, if you’ve been with me long, you know is my favorite. She also carries this gorgeous handpainted home ornament that is now my all-time favorite gift idea.
  • Whipping Up Fairytales – Kasey’s wall hangings are enough to make her shop ultra-cool, but there’s so much more to see. The colors she puts together in her beautifully-crocheted goods, the dyed onesies, the super affordable necklaces – it’s all good here, and all truly handmade.
best Etsy shops - Batik Rag Rug Hawai'ian print
Rag quilt in batik prints from Blue Sheep Boutique

Shop Etsy for Soaps & Such

Awesome Etsy Businesses for Vintage Clothing & Housewares

  • You had me at pointe shoes. A fellow foodie and Italian cooking enthusiast, Dee at Donna’s Finishing Touch has the sweetest things, from primitive to vintage. Her shop is like wandering the halls of a beautiful antique store but with much better prices.
  • Miss Hettie Custom Home Decor – I love vintage linen and the shop combines vintage goods and antiques with her handmade farmhouse and shibori dyed items – she has a real talent for dyeing and y’all, this lady can ruffle like nobody’s business.
  • Honeybee Vintage Finds – Everything you didn’t know you needed is here. Estate sale expert Shawna has a great eye and her shop is priced reasonably. (If you’re tired of overpriced glassware, here’s your relief; still, my favorites are her vintage t-shirts.) Both the goods and the seller are authentic, that’s my kind of shop.

Visiting with these artists this week was exactly what I needed to put me back in touch with my mission here, which has always been to build a community of real people on the internet. Friends who make and curate pretty stuff for a living are definitely my tribe. If you’re looking for fabric specifically, check out my fabric stores post as well.

Here are other best Etsy shop listings for 50 more great shops:



Whatever you’re shopping for, if you are able to, I hope you’ll join me in taking the time to buy it as close to the source as possible and support artists and craftspeople. I’d love to see your Etsy favorites, share them in the comments and on social with #foodnfabric and we may feature you on our IG stories.

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7 thoughts on “50 of the Best Etsy Shops 2021 – Real People Making & Curating”

  1. My friend Marirose from EraAntiquesandFinds has wonderful items in her ETSY shop as well. You must check out her finds! Her being an antique dealer for many years can sometimes be a great help to me when I find something old and interesting that I just cannot pass up and something I may not know too much about. I also lend her a hand when it comes to antique textiles, where I’m more knowledgeable in. Remember all ETSY sellers can not possibly know everything about what they find, so it is always best to run a search on each item. If you are still not having no luck don’t be ashamed to ask for someone else’s help. We are all in this together. She has also become a great friend of mine on this wonderful site. We share many laughs, some sorrows & shoot the breeze about our love of our families, friends and antiques…… after all isn’t that what life is about????? Thank you Marirose for all the positive joy you bring to so many other’s!! I am very blessed to have your friendship! Thanks for following me on Andria’s new road to her next chapter. Her blog is simply incredible!!!!!!!

  2. Dee from Donna’s Finishing Touch and I have been good friends since we both opened our etsy shops years ago. Her shop is amazing and she has an eye for finding the most unusual and fabulous things. Her customer service is superior, she always goes that extra mile for all of her customers. I know this first hand since I’ve been her customer more than once and have never been anything but super happy with her service and what I bought. She knows her stuff too, and is one of the sweetest people I know!

    1. She’s the sweetest, it’s been such a pleasure getting to know her this week. Thanks for visiting the site!

  3. Kindness is free and should be shared by all!

    I had the pleasure of meeting Andria while working on her new blog. Her articles are very interesting reads and should be shared by all. Such a beautiful person too!

    Susan and I met as well on the “etsy site” and have grown to know each other quite well, as we both found out that we do have many of the same interests in kind. Antiques are just one of them! She is such an “amazing lady and inspiration to all”and I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her and become friends!!

    Looking forward to meeting more kindness in this world to spread through Andria’s blog!! Thank you for your kindness ladies! Let’s get this blog rolling!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, you are all sweet to stop by and to spread the word about our blog. It is truly appreciated and what makes the work we do here totally worth it.

  4. I totally enjoyed every word. Dee at Donna’s FinishingTouch is my fav and know that her expertise with the findings is going to present me with a true treasure. She also is so easy to work with, delivery is untouched, and no damages. She is a true professional and truly sincere and lovely lady. I do frequent a couple shops, but historical date will show that Dee is the go to.

    1. I loved meeting Dee while I was working on this project, she’s such a kind person and so easy to work with. Thanks for stopping by to check out the article, have a great weekend! 🙂

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