Clothesline at the edge of a wooded field

For the Love of Seasons – Slowing Down & Staying Connected

Windows open, a good coffee pour, biplanes buzzing in the background, good friends on the way to spend the weekend with us – this morning, there is much to be thankful for; I’m reticent about “missing” anything. Still, I do miss having four seasons, and this is the time of year when my mind wanders to (and my friends’ feeds remind me of) the almost-sudden, spectacular Seattle spring tailor-made for walks and rhododendrons.

My Spring Dining Room

My Spring Dining Room Decor & Table

I know it’s still cold many places, but it’s 70 and sunny here so I’m calling it spring. This is the time when heavy winter and holiday things go to storage, lighter, minimalist (for me) decor comes out and spring cleaning begins. I’m starting slow, with a spring dining room.