We love smoothies for snacks and in the morning. We have a dairy-allergic little one so we make these vegan smoothies for the whole family. Of course, if you’re looking for vegetarian smoothies, these will fit the bill there, as well.

The pineapple mango combo is my favorite, with lots of chia seeds. I don’t like mine to sit long, my son says the longer the better. There are endless variations, and the recipes are very forgiving. Have fun with it!

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Dairy-Free Vegan Smoothie Recipe

1/2 cup ripe sweet fruit
1/2 cup a second fruit or a vegetable
Chia seeds to taste (start with 1 teaspoon)
1 cup of ice

Place everything in a blender (here’s mine) and blend until smooth. Taste and add honey or coconut sugar (my favorite brand) if you prefer. We almost never do, bananas or pineapples do the sweetening for us.

If it’s too thick, add water or whatever liquid you like (nut milk, milk if you’re not looking for a vegan smoothie, even sparkling waters or sodas work with some flavors). If it’s too thin, pop it in the refrigerator where the chia seeds will work their thickening magic.

You can serve as is or refrigerate up to an hour if you prefer a thicker consistency. The longer you chill, the thicker it will get. If you’re waiting a while, pop it in the freezer and reblend to serve, you may need to add a little water or whatever other liquid you like.

Serve straight out of the blender or immediately after chilling.

Our Favorite Vegan Smoothie Blends

Pineapple – Mango (I love hot sauce in this one)
Kiwi – Strawberry
Banana – Strawberry
Mango – Avocado (I like a dash of cayenne or Tabasco in this one, too)
Pear – Cucumber
Pear – Carrot (I add a pinch of ginger)

Those are our favorites but you can definitely use almost any fruit and/or vegetable; you could even add tomatoes and make it savory or add rum or vodka for a refreshing cocktail (check out my Frozen Bloody Mary).

You can also throw in any healthy thing you like, these strong flavors will camouflage a lot and since they are dairy-free there’s no risk of a funky milk interaction. A handful of greens or spinach will usually disappear; spices like cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric can add a nice note, too. Again, very forgiving so you really can’t mess it up.

Hope you like these as much as we do! If you come up with new flavors, please share, we’re always looking to add to our rotation. Tag us with #foodnfabric. Enjoy!

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