As I started to write what’s on my editorial calendar today, it seems much too light a conversation. From toilet paper shortages to resources for health information, I’m committed to our team doing what we can to mitigate the misery of this situation. To that end, we’re researching today and sharing what I hope will grow and be a valuable resource list as well as some of our favorite comforting things to watch and cook. Some of these are affiliate links because I am an Amazon affiliate, but the rest are just things I hope will be helpful as we navigate this together. 

Sources of Information

These are the places I go for my information, the ones I trust. They may be helpful to you as well. 

Scarce Products and Alternatives

I’m sourcing things as they become available so if you find one is out of stock, please know I’m doing my best to keep this updated but these are moving targets. Likewise, if a vendor raises a price to gouging levels and I see it I’ll remove it, but I can’t catch everything so bear with me as this resource list develops and grows. I normally don’t recommend anything I haven’t tried but under the circumstances, I’m making an exception. I make no guarantees about stock levels or quality, I’m just sharing potential resources. Shop wisely, friends. Read manufacturer instructions if you’re planning something other than the use for which a product was intended (using shop rags for toilet paper, for example).

Toilet Paper & Baby Wipes

This is our go to right now – is it the best tp we’ve used? No, but it won’t run out soon.

Paper Towels and Alternatives

  • Update – since we are having trouble finding paper towels, I went with this commercial dispenser and these paper towels. I’ve always wanted something similar and I won’t be going back.
  • Amazon has a massive collection of paper towels and alternatives, and of course, in a bind, some of these will help with the toilet paper shortage. A reminder – don’t flush anything that isn’t tp!
  • Lowes has paper and toweling goods and I’ve heard they are keeping a decent toilet paper and paper towel stock in many store locations, as well.
  • Home Depot carries things that may work, as well.
  • Harbor Freight can be a good resource – don’t forget to google “Harbor Freight coupons” before you buy as you can almost always get a discount there.


  • Like others, Amazon’s diaper stock is a moving target right now but here’s the search, you can drill down further on the left side to see if they have what you need.
  • Office Depot carries some generic diapers that may do in a pinch.
  • Staples is out of Pampers but they do have Luvs and a few others right now.
  • Like Amazon, Walmart’s diaper supply changes rapidly, but here it is if you want to take a look at what’s available in your area.
  • If you’re forced to or want to switch to cloth, it’s again Wallypop for the win. Sarah is a diapering expert and will help you figure out which ones work best for your situation. She also hand makes the cutest covers.
  • If you need diaper cream and are having trouble finding your favorite, we really like this brand from Walmart. I like it better than purple Desitin and it’s much less expensive.


We’re working on this one, please check back throughout the day!

Random Tips

If you have access to the military exchanges, check them online. If you have access to one, you have access to all.

Amazon sells these pantry staples and supplies and many more via its “Pantry” feature:

If you and yours are bored foodies, check out our tv lists.

cookbook with spices on table

If you’re looking for comfort food that will also make the house smell amazing, check out our meatballs and/or marinara, which are fun to make with older kids. Our French toast casserole uses leftover bread and lasts a few days, as well.

If you have a resource to share, please join the conversation in the comments. I stand firm in the belief we’re better together, even when we’re apart.

2 thoughts on “Locating Toilet Paper & Other Scarce Products – A Resource List”

  1. Good work, love the post. I make a lot of bread, just dump what’s left for the new loafs. With times like this, I’m making herb bread crumbs with left overs, no dumping. I make a lot of sourdough, I don’t want to waste starter so I’ve been baking bread everyday. I’m giving it away to neighbours and the ladies at our small grocery store. They are thrilled and it makes me happy.

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