It’s that time of year again, and this is one holiday I’m super qualified to curate for. These are the things I use and love and things I’d appreciate as gifts. If your mother, like me, values quality over quantity and things that are both beautiful and functional, this is the list for you.

  • $$$ Chemex Classic and Bodum electric kettle – I have four coffee makers, an espresso machine, and a French press, and I still make my coffee this way every morning. There’s simply no substitute for the pour. I love the simplicity of the Chemex and that it’s pretty enough to sit on the counter. Rebecca at A Daily Something has a great article on how to do the pour. I know people love beautiful stove kettles and I do, too, but I currently despise my stove. I’m waiting for a new one, so it’s the gorgeous Bodum electric kettle for us because I can’t have my stove getting on my nerves before coffee.
  • $$$$$ Costco Parmigiano Reggiano Wheel – If budget is no concern, I can’t imagine a more impressive gift for someone who loves cooking or cheese. If you’ve followed me a minute, you know I keep my Costco membership solely for this cheese. They have other cheese wheels – get the Kirkland Signature Parmigiano Reggiano.
Kirkland Signature Whole Wheel Parmigiano Reggiano, 72 lbs.
  • $$$$$ KitchenAid Stand Mixer – You knew it would be here, right? I have had both the Artisan and the Commercial, and unless I’m baking for a crowd, I prefer the Artisan tilt-head model. I also love glass bowls. If your mother bakes a lot, and in large batches, or just really loves an industrial look, she might prefer the Commercial. In between the two is the Professional 600, a nice compromise. Make sure you get a color she will love or one that is neutral.
  • $$ Yeti Cups – If we’ve talked about coffee, you know how much I love Yeti. A 30 ounce replaced my beloved Bodum insulated carafe and I take a 20 ounce pretty much everywhere. From coffee and tea to cold drinks and cocktails – there is no substitute, and we’ve tried almost all of the contenders. Spending a bit more for the Yeti is totally worth it and you can get her favorite color, sports team, or monogram.
  • $$ Cross Back Linen Apron – I am in love with this apron (because you know I don’t have enough aprons…) and it comes in two beautiful colors. Fun fact – my kitchen is mostly red but was decorated before I got to this house, so I buy everything in blue anyway in anticipation of the remodel that is coming.
  • $$$$ Induction Cooktop and/or Convection Oven – If your mother often entertains, she’ll appreciate these extras. They save me on holidays and when I need to cook for a crowd. We take them camping, as well, I plug right into the campsite electricity and cook on the picnic table. My convection oven is no longer sold, so I linked to a Cuisinart model I find interesting because it claims to be an air fryer, as well. Let me know if you try it!
  • $ Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan – From James Beard cookbook nominee Dorie Greenspan, it’s my opinion this is the best baking book on the market. It’s not for beginners, but if Mom is a seasoned baker, it’s a wonderful gift that she can rely on for perfect baking recipes every time. If you need other cookbook recommendations, check out my favorites.
  • $$$$ Le Creuset White Dutch Oven – This is the definitive classic, truly the most useful pot there is. Once upon a move, when my household goods arrived at our new home long, long after we did, I used nothing but Le Creuset (because I had it in my car) for two weeks and I really appreciated the versatility. I’ve cooked eggs in them, made soup, done every imaginable sauce and pasta dish, and even used them to bake bread. If Le Creuset isn’t in the budget, the Lodge version is almost as good and far less expensive. Their oyster white is so pretty. (Note to my children – I can always use another Dutch oven.)
  • $ Freight HHG Knives – I truly love these knives. Affordable in any size, they look and feel more expensive than they are. You can get them in carbon steel or stainless steel. I case you’re unfamiliar, carbon steel rusts and needs more care, but sharpens beautifully. Stainless will not rust as readily but is a little harder to sharpen, in my opinion. Though most people will be happy with the edge on the stainless, I like carbon steel. I’m just learning to use a whetstone, my husband used to do the sharpening for me. It’s become a bit of an obsession.
  • $ Provence Linen Bath Towels – I adore linen towels, especially in the bath, and these are the prettiest ones on the market. From farmhouse to contemporary, they’ll fit almost anywhere. Grab a couple, along with their hand towels, for a perfect gift.
  • $ Ceramic Wall Flowers – I don’t have any idea yet what I’ll do with these, but the detail is so pretty I have to find a place for them.
  • $ Large Foldable Cutting Board – If you’re on a budget, this is a great option. This board is handy for anyone who cooks but can be especially helpful for people with arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to do prep work.
  • $$ Industrial Towel Dispenser – I ordered the center pull version and I’m super excited to get it. If your mom has room in the kitchen for it, she might like one too. Here’s the stainless flat fold version, (towels here) and here’s the black center pull unit we’re getting (it comes with towels). (It will be plaster painted upon arrival to blend with our kitchen wall.)
  • $ Banneton – If your mom bakes bread, this is a beautiful gift for making artisan loaves that look like they came from a professional or if she’s just getting started learning sourdough, this is a great option. You might also consider linen bread bags, a lovely and responsible alternative to plastic bread bags.
  • $ Butter Crock – These Sweese butter crocks are so inexpensive and useful and they come in some gorgeous colors. As usual, I went with white but the blues are so pretty, as well. This Tremaine crock comes in a pretty pink I haven’t seen anywhere else; I’m a sucker for pink matte ceramic anything.
  • $$$ Thermapen – You’ve heard Alton Brown talk about it, now listen to me – it’s the best. Anyone who cooks anything will love this gift.
  • $$$$ Zojirushi Virtuoso Bread Maker – I’ve had mine for 13 years, and if it ever stops working, I’ll order another. There’s no substitute as far as I’m concerned, it’s the best bread maker on the market. Even for someone who often bakes by hand, it’s nice for making dough or a loaf quickly. I love that it makes a typically-sized and shaped loaf, rather than an upright one.

I hope you found something your mother, grandmother, or other special mom will love. As always, the best gift you can give is your attention and being present in your relationships, so give her the gift of your time if you can and Happy Mother’s Day!

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